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I know many of you knew I went to Nagoya, Japan in 2010 to represent Singapore at the World Cosplay Summit. I have learnt many things from that experience although we didn't win. This is what I can remember from the start of the prelims in Singapore, the Korea trip, the finals and competition for the world title itself.

This is a brief summary of my WCS story

In the beginning, I didn't really want to take part in WCS at all. But what lured me to take up the challenge was because of the Korea trip lol. Many of us knew that Takahan wanted 6 teams, thus the chances of getting into semi-finals were quite high. Christy and I had to think of what to cosplay too. We so happened to choose monster hunter because the costumes were relatively finished for a shoot lol. Next was the skit idea. The problem with monster hunter is that there is actually no real story to the game, making it difficult to come up with a story from scratch. But yes when there is a will there is a way. haha. Everyone thought the stage was a normal rectangle stage, until we came for the briefing and everybody was going like WTF!!!! The stage plan was now a catwalk! Sooooo, now how do you change your present skit to retrofit into the new stage and the competition only being 1 week away. There is a term used in the army "LLST" (Lan lan suck thumb) which means you just got to do it. Out of 13 teams, only i think 6-7pairs came for the briefing. Those were the teams that actually got into the semi finals. Maybe it just shows whether people really bother to take the time and effort to make every opportunity increase their chances of winning. Dedication and a real flaming passion for succeeding.

----------------------------------------Semi Finals----------------------------------------------------
It was the first time I had actually seen overseas Cosplayers performances and I can tell you, there are in a different league from us. Our Singapore skits are still, how would I put it, rather stale and boring.
Frank commented how armour was easy lol, I woke up late, wore abit and went back to sleep lol while frank and sara were doing their makeup, Christy came up to scold and ya I put everything on. My armour can be worn in 15minutes anyways haha. The skit wasn’t changed much, kinda didn’t really bother with it too because we thought that going to Korea was enough lol till we saw Korea performed…… Which inspired us to do better and push harder for the finals after that!!!!!!!

As many of you saw, all of the groups took home this LED technology with us to incorporate it into our skits lol. I tell you, the preprations was perhaps my most stressful part of my cosplay life. Christy and I were slaving every night at my house to finish Bahamut and Fang’s Spear, with the practicing of skit and audio recording. I was constantly trying to crack my brain on how to make Christy’s skit idea come true, because it sounded very outlandish and generally bullshit to me lol, I therefore had to constantly keep rethinking of the skit while building Bahamut. The skit came to me in a dream one night, where it told the story of what how fang was suffering and bahamut came to help but you have to prove to him that you are a worthy master.  I woke up and quickly SMS-ed Christy about it, incase I forgot about it. On the actuall day of the Finals, we loaded up the van with bahamut and the stage props and drove to D’Marquee. Had a one time rehersal on stage which allowed us to view the other competitiors too.
You know when the results were out, my heart was thumping like hell say “please be us, please be us” and it was us =D

When you reach Nagoya, remember you are going there to work, not play lol. Most of the time you would be doing public relations with the other countries and TV Aichi itself. The schedule was rather cram and we didn’t have much time to ourselves to go shopping and eating hehe but it can be done although it was pretty rushed.
The parade, it was freaking hot plus the walk that could just take 45minutes became nearly 1h30mins because there were some cosers stopping for every photog that asked for a picture.
Competition day
Nothing to do in the day but rest and prepare although I did a little shopping lol, after that we had to push bahamut in a box to the stage XD quite some distance from the hotel I would say. If you all saw my performance, I wouldn’t say I did well, a lot of my stage props failed/malfunctioned so ya. And you should have seen the other ppl’s  performances, it really make me feel how backdated Singapore is to the rest of the world. I know a lot of ppl had a lot of hopes for us, but after WCS, I think we cant reach the title of World Champion just yet. We need to work harder and think harder to get Singapore our world title =D
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